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KT Merry’s signature course and mentorship experience to help photographers accelerate their growth and get clarity on their next steps in life and business—with a proven, step-by-step plan to get there.

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A one-of-a-kind mentorship program for driven photographers like you who want to strengthen your business foundation, clarify your vision, and master your financials, marketing, and craft.…

So that you can create a profitable and artistically inspiring business and lifestyle with confidence, clarity, and ease.


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"It truly is an all-encompassing experience that will change how you handle your business, your clients, and yourself—forever."

- Jackie Fox

They did it. 

So can you!

How does the abundance plan work?

You'll receive six jam-packed modules with proven + powerful lessons, trainings, and exercises covering everything from auditing your brand and portfolio to social media checklists and creating more profitable packages that put more dollars in your pocket immediately. (Not to mention: TONS of incredible bonuses, including some special ones that are exclusive to my waitlist.)

Once you join, a new module will be released each week and you’ll get exclusive access to a private Facebook community with your fellow photographers and a weekly Facebook Live Q&A with me during the program. After the last module drops, I’ll still be available to you inside the Facebook group and, most importantly, so is the community! You’ll get lifetime access to the program and ALL future updates I make to it.

When does the abundance plan start?

Enrollment for The Abundance Plan opens once per year. Your next opportunity to join with be in Winter 2022! Those on the VIP Waitlist will get early access to enrollment and an exclusive bonus!

Who teaches the abundance plan?


Yep, those are some big names that give us both goosebumps! 

I've had over 15 years of experience at the top tier of the wedding industry, working with the best vendors and publications in the world and for more than a decade, I've shown overwhelmed and undervalued photographers how to build an alluring, exclusive brand that's equal parts attainable and sustainable.

What that means is that I’ve seen trends come and go, technology change, and the birth of social media (YIKES!)—each making their mark on our beloved niche. And in the last year, a global pandemic.

I’m being honest, the photography world was a lonely world to navigate without the kind of community, future-thinking strategies, and hands-on training you’ll find in The Abundance Plan.

If someone had handed over a formula or step-by-step plan, it wouldn’t have taken me 15 years to rise. It might have happened way sooner! It took me a long time to realize that in order to thrive for the long haul, I had to be a talented artist AND a solid entrepreneur.

Here’s the deal: as creative entrepreneurs who take big risks to pave a unique path with the work we’re best at, we should all have flourishing photography businesses that allow us to have the success AND the freedom that we desire. 

It’s not about making a choice between one or the other—I’m here to tell you that you absolutely don’t have to choose. 

… And The Abundance Plan will show you how and why you don’t need to compromise.

That’s why I’ve put my entire business-building plan in ONE place for you—with the support of a community that will always have your back as you grow!

What I want most is to help photographers like YOU to step into the role of CEO and business owner with all the strategies, steps, and tools I wish I’d had when I started out.

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind experience where you can…

Get crystal clear on your vision for your business—so that you can turn it into reality quicker than you think (those Harpers’ Bazaar Top 10 accolades, that move to a new city—it’s all within your reach!) 

Receive personalized mentorship from me and an inspiring community to sail through every business and mindset challenge (because business is better when you don’t have to do it alone)

Build a unique roadmap to get to the tippity-top of your industry (it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and step into your *true* potential)

Get vulnerable and serious about your financial numbers (because there’s only so many years you can scramble at tax time, and it’s time to have *that* talk with your partner)

Charge what your work is worth (without falling into a doom spiral whenever a proposal is rejected)

Turn your business into a powerful force for good by prioritizing your personal values (and building them INTO your business plan)

Build a more resilient business that can handle any storm, economy, or pandemic (so you don’t get stuck in paralysis mode ever again)

Attract and identify your ideal clients (and signed contracts in the process!)

Bridge the gap between your current market and the luxury space to book shoots with dreamy planners and venues (hello, inspiring portfolio!)

“Incredible planners are actively reaching out to me, I’m getting booked at my highest prices, the right clients are coming around, I'm getting featured in publications—it makes me think—dang, why didn’t I do this stuff before? KT has truly opened my eyes to what hope and ambition can look like. And the community! I have friends in London, Los Angeles, Germany who are willing to share their wisdom and collaborate and we’re family. For the first time in my life, I can finally visualize what I want, speak up, *believe* it comes from a place of abundance, not a place of lack.”

Esther Makau

the best investment you'll make...

Hear from Past Students

“I’ve got a sense of clarity that can’t be replaced: I’ve changed my mindset, how I run my business financially and even started working on a social project to give back—I thought I had to keep my personal interests and impact separate from my business but now I know it can go hand in hand if it's done well. I’m even quitting my full time job, setting my goals way higher, serving clients a better experience and opening a full-service studio to be able to bring in more people and retain them! In a way, The Abundance Plan has impacted EVERYTHING in my life. The amount of resources KT generously gave us was crazy and she was so down-to-earth. ”

Avan Patel

The Abundance Plan will open again in Winter 2022*!

There is NO medal for doing business the “hard” way.

In fact, the quicker you can rise—the more impact you can have, and those ripple effects can evolve into a powerful force for good.

I created The Abundance Plan because I want photographers like YOU to reach their goals faster, smarter, and feeling as supported as possible.

*Please note: this will be your ONLY opportunity to join The Abundance Plan until 2023. 

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