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Master Your Unique Creative Process and Lay the Foundation for a
World-Class Photography Business

Merry Method

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et access to the exact systems, processes and blueprints that I

With these resources in hand, you can finally become the sought-after artist who’s appreciated and adored by wedding planners and clients alike.


use in my wedding photography business to prepare for a wedding, capture emotionally evocative images, and produce a powerful portfolio. 

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You’re buzzing with excitement as you arrive at the ceremony venue, cameras and equipment in tow. You’re thrilled for the opportunity to capture this couple’s moments and turn them into momentos with your craft. 

It’s Saturday morning, the Big Day.

As soon as she steps into frame, you realize that the midday light is much too harsh and you immediately wish you could push the portraits back by one hour. But that won’t be possible within today’s tight schedule. Nor is it an option to move everyone to a more favorable location. You snap a few shots anyway, hoping you can adjust them in editing as you try to come up with Plan B.

You drop your head. In your haste to pack and get yourself out the door, you must have left it at home. You want to kick yourself for letting this happen as another harsh reality comes into stark focus: 

You’re ready to do what you were made to do and you’re feeling it. 

But as you step outside onto a beautifully manicured lawn, you quickly shield your eyes, the harsh reality of the afternoon sunlight temporarily blinding you with its glare. Slowly, your vision adjusts and you carefully escort the breathtaking bride across the green lawn to a picturesque tree. The perfect location for a stunning bridal portrait. Or so you thought. 

Then you instantly realize what you need to get The Shot.

You quickly ask your assistant to retrieve your collapsible scrim from the camera bag, knowing that THIS is what will save the moment and capture the perfect portrait. Then they whisper to you—it’s not there. What?? Why?!?

The shock of jumping back into a wedding season after a year of basically nothing, is as blinding as the harsh midday sun. And you aren’t jumping back into just any wedding season—this is the busiest wedding season of your life! 

You’re in the marathon of wedding seasons.

The postponements and rescheduled weddings of 2020 (and 2021!) have you working nearly every weekend in the months to come.

And as much as you thought you were ready for this moment, you have to admit to yourself—you might be a little rusty.

This is harder than you remember.

You’re just hoping that your client doesn’t notice… 

You carry on as best you can, shooting every possible angle and pose to make sure that you get at least some shots that will work. 

The thing is…

You know you’ll pay for it on the backend with hours and hours of culling hundreds of extra photos. Not to mention all the additional editing adjustments you’ll need to make to compensate for the light. And once again, you’ll be stuck trying your best to match yet another wedding shoot to the style of the rest of your work, but at the end of the day, you—and your potential clients—can see it: it’s not consistent.

And there’s no magic editing wand you can wave to go back in time, secure the perfect lighting and make that missing piece of equipment appear. 

Lighting, composition, a great assistant, perfect timing, an unforgettable wardrobe… just a few of the things that must be mastered before the shutter clicks.

What if I’m never able to capture the incredible photos I’m hungry to shoot and display in a portfolio that gets me known and appreciated by top wedding planners and dream clients? 

And the one that rings in your ears…

Will the client even like these images? Will they be good enough?...
Will I ever find my own authentic, signature photography style?..
How many times will I have to shoot at this venue before I can say ‘No, thank you’?...
How long will it take to finally feel like a master?...

Looking around, it’s so easy to feel that every other photographer has this part buttoned up and figured out. And very soon after delivering these images, you’ll be playing that all-too-familiar loop in your head:

The shooting process that worked for you two years ago—or even last year!—isn’t working anymore.

The wedding photography industry is more fast-paced and saturated than ever before, leaving no time for learning hard lessons by trial and error.

Wandering aimlessly, taking a haphazard approach or—on your worst days—winging it, will ROB you of the opportunities that could skyrocket your career.

If you’ve read this far, you probably have the aching sense that:

Although you’re hungry to create and deliver incredible images, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you do know that there’s got to be a better process to produce the kind of work that will attract dream clients and command high-end rates.

The resources you’ve tried (and tried again!) only skim the surface of the photographer’s journey and have not moved the needle on your process, craft or business.

But before you trade in your camera or resign yourself to spending the rest of your career shooting mediocre venues for less-than-ideal clients, keep reading . . . 

Because it’s highly possible that you’ve missed just ONE crucial step on the path to becoming a sought-after photographer . . . 

And when you master this ONE step, you’ll be able to achieve dazzling results in your career that have a beautiful ripple effect in your life . . .

Because mastering this SINGLE step allows you to: 

Go from being a struggling photographer, wandering aimlessly through your process, to a focused and confident artist and entrepreneur, approaching each and every job with creativity. 

Take deep pride in telling the story of your clients with images that take them there—right back to their special day.

Meet your inner desire for mastery and cultivate a natural, artistic intuition that you trust—one that guides you toward consistent images that have unforgettable impact!

Create images that set your work apart in the marketplace and establish you as the Go-To Expert Photographer in your niche. 

Even better, when you master this ONE step, you’ll: 

Feel so confident in your approach and your process that you’re able to create your best work no matter the conditions—come rain, glaring sun, grumpy bride or unfortunate venue—you know what you’re aiming for (literally and figuratively!) and you can always deliver refined final photos that garner recognition and praise. 

Easily attract and serve your ideal clients as you consistently build relationships with planners who are wowed by your professionalism, team-player attitude and consistently outstanding work. 

Reach your financial goals with rates that match your prestigious portfolio.

Make decisions based on your vision and version of success, unlocking the secret to finding creative fulfillment, pursuing impactful purpose, and creating your best work every time you pick up a camera.

So what IS this ONE crucial step? 

This step that all struggling photographers overlook and undervalue? 

This step that the world’s most sought-after photographers understand and implement to get breathtaking results, year after year and decade after decade? 

When you follow your own unique creative process, your work is consistent. You develop your own signature style that becomes recognized in the industry. 

Mastering your unique creative process is the only way to build a powerful portfolio so you can become a sought-after photographer, work with your dream clients and demand the rates you desire. 

And when you develop a reputation for excellence, the demand for your services increases exponentially, putting you in prime position to raise your rates and limit your engagements to dream clients only. 

Mastering your own unique yet proven process frees you up to create art on the day of your shoot. Following your process means you are prepared, with a backup plan, and a backup to your backup—so that no technical snafus or “surprise” weather conditions ever keep you from capturing the most captivating moments of the day. 

You get known as THE go-to photographer—the one whose work is reliable, dependable, elevated, and even awe-inspiring.

Mastering your unique creative process unlocks a lifelong career as an elite photographer, yet it’s the step that so many struggling photographers skip over, keeping them spinning on the outskirts of the industry for years, or even decades. 

And I’m betting that you and I have more than a few things in common. To begin, the fact that you’re still reading this page lets me know that you care deeply about your work. You and I are moving toward a vision that’s brighter, bigger, and grander than what we’ve known before. And we express ourselves through the stories we capture on film. We use our skills to create art—and hopefully leave the world a more beautiful place than we found it. 

My own passion for photography started as a kid, with a point & shoot 35 mm camera. I photographed everything, from my dogs to horses to landscapes. I was hooked, and the highlight of my week was when my mom would drive me into town to get that small film canister developed.

My dad served in the military for more than 40 years, which means I also moved around frequently: from California to Japan, to Nevada. I got very comfortable being uncomfortable, which has served me well as I’ve grown my photography business to world-class status.

Partly as a result of traveling around so much as a military brat, I developed a wanderlust and a desire to explore new destinations. After winning a scholarship to the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, I knew that I could combine my passion for photography with my hunger for travel and build a beautiful career. 

I’ve been traveling the world photographing unique weddings for over 15 years with my business partner and husband Chad. 

Hi, I’m KT Merry 

I began my career assisting some of the top fashion photographers in the world—they taught me all about lighting, composition, style, and working on the road. But when it came time to embark on my own shooting career, I yearned to create images with a deeper meaning—images without a shelf-life. I wanted to capture the stories, moments, and feelings that endure.

And since we’re connected, I’m thinking you want to create that kind of lasting legacy as well. And that’s why I created the Merry Method: to give you the foundations, systems, processes and blueprint that are a necessary prerequisite for you to become a sought-after wedding photographer. 

I also knew that it would take real work—dedication to my craft, a sense of responsibility and a respect for my photography—to build the kind of career that would allow me to see the world and leave a lasting impact on my clients. And beyond that, I have a heart for wildlife conservation, so it was also important to me to create enough abundance that I could contribute to meaningful causes and charities.

The Merry Method

Introducing . . . 

Master Your Unique Creative Process and Lay the Foundation for a World-Class Photography Business 

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his one-of-a-kind photography program is a transparent, behind-the-scenes look at my personal approach to capturing game-changing images and honing your expertise, from client inquiry to booking to delivering portfolio-worthy photos.

I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing everything you need to evolve your own process, master your craft, and improve your customer experience, from first inquiry to delivery of the final shot. 

Inside this program, you will learn how to develop your own unique creative process so you become a sought-after photographer. You’ll start standing out from the sea of struggling freelancers and become the go-to choice for high-end wedding planners and elite clients.  

The confidence and clarity to make decisions based on YOUR version of artistic and business success.

The insights, knowledge and elevated client experience to attract and serve your ideal wedding clients (and planners!) and build a reliable referral base so you never have to wonder or worry about getting booked.

A streamlined pre-shoot and shoot day process that uniquely works for you and sets you up to capture the perfect, portfolio-ready shot, every single time.

A proven roadmap to finding your unique, signature photography style, over and over again—consistently.

A fine-tuned editing workflow that will put the polish on your style and save you days of work.

A covetable portfolio that can get you the RATES and clients that you desire.

Irresistible images that are powerful, inspiring and make you appreciated and adored in your client’s eyes.

Deep pride and satisfaction in your craft and an artist’s intuition that will set you apart as one of the best wedding photographers in your market.

When you enroll in
The Merry Method, you can expect to achieve:

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With The Merry Method, you’ll develop a
that will catch the eye of couples and wedding planners alike. Check out what our students are saying about the program: 


powerful portfolio

The Merry Method and what you’ll get when you join:

here's a look inside

YOU'LL unearth:

Your Foundation for Success

In Module One, we set the foundation for getting your best results inside The Merry Method.


Purposeful planning with the Merry Method Roadmap to maximize your momentum to your desired destination of becoming a sought-after wedding photographer.

What makes a “Pretty Picture” so that you can effectively evaluate your own work and see a clear path toward creating a pristine portfolio.

Intention Setting exercises that will guide you toward your goals and keep your vision aligned with your desired outcomes.

A Know Thyself Quiz to identify your knowledge gaps and help you zero in on where to focus your priorities.



An Intro to Film & Elevating Your Portfolio

In the second Module, we cover the essential elements of a stand-out portfolio and the basics of beginning to shoot with film.

How to create a Powerhouse Portfolio with Weddings and Travel Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Carrie Goldberg, so you have the clarity and confidence to create your own signature style.

The foundations of shooting film to diversify your craft and skill for becoming a hybrid shooter.

The best places to rent equipment, get and process film, and my tried-and-tested editing tools—all in my invaluable Film Directory resource.

Exactly which tools and gear the pros (and myself) are using to be prepared and get the perfect shot—INCLUDING my Tools of the Trade Gear List and Wedding Photo Timeline Template. 





Pre-Shoot Pro Tips

My Client Communications Map, including the specific questions you must ask the client and the planner in order to deliver portfolio-worthy work.

My proactive storyboarding process and still life tips to give you a reliable framework for a successful shoot.

My Pre-Shoot Checklist to proactively address shoot-related needs and deliverables so you’re never chasing down the invitation suite again.

In this Module, we go step-by-impactful-step through my pre-shooting routine, from booking the job to the actual shoot day.

A behind-the-scenes look at my tried-and-tested film, gear and location prep steps for a smooth-sailing shoot day, filmed on location in Jackson Hole!



A guided meditation to help you approach every photo job with a mindset of mastery.

A backstage pass to how I shoot an editorial, direct models, and capture film and digital side by side for consistent, portfolio-worthy pictures.

Surprising scouting strategies so you’re primed for precision and prepared to pivot.


Crafting Consistent Photos

In Module Four, we dig into how to create a unique and consistent portfolio.

HOW to define and refine your unique, Signature Style.

HOW to style, pose, capture and crop your subjects for game-changing images delivered straight to your clients.

The 7 Professionalism Principles that will leave lasting impressions on your colleagues and set you up for your next big job.

My proven post-wedding practices for delivering irresistibile sneak-peeks and creating time-saving post-production systems.



WHY creating consistency in your process is the key to unleashing your creativity and HOW to cultivate it with my time-tested techniques.


Post-Production Principles


My 9-Step Editing Workflow for streamlining your post-production + sharing stunning selects with your clients.

The 5 surprisingly simple ways to set yourself up for repeat referrals and build legacy clients.

The 4 key strategies for delivering (and selling!) an unforgettable wedding album.

In Module Five, you receive my proven post-production processes and practices for delivering undeniable work after each and every job.



Building A Dream Portfolio

In this final Module, we bring everything together to give you the tools to build your dream portfolio.

My Portfolio Checklist of key shots to include in a show-stopping portfolio.

How to fill in the gaps with personal projects and display your work for maximum client attraction.

How to choose a second shooter so you can get more display-worthy shots and build your portfolio faster!



The go-to guidelines on how to lead and manage your second shooter to make every job a raging success in Chad’s Second Shooter Bootcamp!

A post-program self-assessment to track your growth + identify your progress toward building your dream portfolio.

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When you join The Merry Method now, you’ll receive the following BONUSES to help you refine your own unique creative process and elevate your portfolio...

The Merry Method Handbook™


With over 50+ pages of checklists, gear lists, templates and timelines, the Merry Method Handbook™ is your Bonus companion to the video training inside the Modules. To complement and support your journey through the program, I have created prompts and exercises that will guide you on your way to creating your own masterful methods. With everything from my personal morning routine to a mapped-out editing workflow, this Handbook provides a centralized place to create and document your own methods as your systems form, grow and refine.

Get the Luxury Wedding Planner Guide: 16 of the World’s Top Planners Share Their Advice for Photographers

Imagine this:
Sixteen hours of interviews.
Three hundred years of collective wisdom in luxury wedding planning.
Countless pieces of invaluable wisdom.

Inside this 130-page guide, Mindy Weiss, Lynn Easton, Lisa Vorce, and so many more share their best advice for how to be an ally on their teams, how to over-deliver to their clients, and build sustainable relationships with incredible planners along the way.

This is the exact guide I wish I had when I first started my business!

JOIN The Abundance Plan

Bonus  for Enrolling Today!

Get an Exclusive Live training with KT and also receive the KT Merry x REFINED color preset pack *free!*

Enroll today and get my KT Merry x Refined Color Preset Pack FREE with your registration..


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Bonus  Live Training!

The $2500 Cash Infusion bonus

6 Plug ‘n’ Play Marketing Strategies with Email Templates to Make You Money in the Next 30 Days

Inside The $2,500 Cash Infusion Bonus: 6 Plug ‘n’ Play Marketing Strategies with Email Templates to Make You Money in the Next 30 Days you’ll get the exact email templates and strategies I use in my own business that will make you your Abundance Plan investment back in the next 30 days. What’s holding you back?

Take me to the strategies!

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extended payment plan now available

Enroll today and get my KT Merry x Refined Color Preset Pack FREE with your registration..


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Powerful Photo Assignments


As you move through The Merry Method, you may be eager to put all the training into practice while under the personal guidance of a mentor. To help you develop your best practices in real time, I’ve developed four, uniquely designed Powerful Photo Assignments to help you apply your lessons and practice my proven principles, so you can start elevating your portfolio right away.

(Value $197) 

In this just-released Bonus, you’re getting exclusive access to SIX powerful video trainings that will support you in transforming into the consistent, confident photographer you are destined to be! As you move through these lessons, you’ll get strong business processes that will allow you to spend more time creating, and less time behind the editing desk. You’ll refine your client experience: the #1 factor which keeps clients and planners knocking on your door. 

The Merry Method Business Bundle

The Merry Method
Business Bundle


This BONUS Bundle includes: 

Inquiry to Booking: my signature 5-step process that will create a 5-star experience for your client before you take a single shot! 

Photographer’s Journey: Find out where you fit on the six-stage Roadmap of the Photographers’ Journey so you can advance to your desired destination.
Second Shooters and Leadership: You’ll learn how to find, train, and lead Second Shooters to make your client’s wedding day photography experience flawless. 

Being a Wedding Team Player: Adopt the team-player mentality that will attract the top-tier jobs you desire. 

Mentally Preparing For the Wedding: Master your inner game and show up to every event like the professional you are with this training on defeating imposter syndrome and building rock-solid confidence. 

Destination Secrets: The world’s opening up again, and this lesson will support you in becoming a seasoned, jet-setting pro. 

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"The Merry Method is an absolutely unique opportunity to learn from one of the best wedding photographers in the world . . .”

Marc Bates, award-winning photographer and student of The Merry Method.  

“...consistency is what will make your business a winner, not the techincal skills or the art...”


“This one is huge for me. We have to take care of our minds and bodies in order to produce all those beautiful results that we do. All the advice from how to properly dress, to how to communicate with clients, the equipment, the jet lag advice, the timeline...everything was so helpful for me. 

After finishing the Merry Method—I've already learned more than I did in the last two years. 

It's everything I was looking for! Finally. education that focuses on just that — education!"

—Radostina Boseva,
Images by radostina

"The level of transparency that KT shares about her business and process is incredible."

— Bhavika VanmalLi,
By bhavika photography

“I am so impressed with the different topics that this course covers. The Merry Method has been a game changer for me and I still refer back to it continuously!" 


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


Get access to a mentor, teacher, and step-by-step strategies to help you accelerate your growth.

—Abul Shah,
Abul shah photography

"The Merry Method is really like an open door policy into the workings of KT and how she approaches her craft. She's so transparent with the equipment she uses, how she organizes her weddings, her wedding timeline, her correspondence with clients.... It was the first time I've ever seen someone of her caliber be so transparent. It's such a rare but beautiful thing to see. And so inspiring as well."


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


Your art creates a legacy. 

You’re ready to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy with the moments you capture. The Merry Method will support you in developing your own unique creative process so that you become a sought-after photographer. And my partner Chad and I also believe that when we give, we receive in abundance. Which is why we’re donating 10% of every enrollment in The Merry Method to our quarterly charitable recipients—including The American Wild Horse Campaign, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Oceana, and similar worthy causes. Your enrollment in The Merry Method supports the survival of some of the world's most exquisite and endangered species. 

I’m confident that The Merry Method will support you in building the foundation required for a world-class photography business, and you deserve to feel confident in enrolling in the program. That’s why I offer a 100% guarantee on The Merry Method with pride. Enroll today, get access to the program, download the workbook, and implement the teaching to grow your own high-end photography business. If, within the first 15 days of your enrollment, you do not feel that this program is the right vehicle for you to achieve the results you desire, simply email my team at team@ktmerry.com and we’ll provide you with a 100% refund, no questions asked. 

Your 100% Confidence Guarantee

I’m booked with back-to-back weddings, and while I feel like I need support to refine my process, I’m worried that I won’t have time to complete the program. Should I still enroll? 

The fact that you’re still reading this page lets me know that you already have a sense that there’s a next level you long to reach with your photography career. And the reality is that to cultivate a career as a sought-after wedding photographer and be the go-to artist that planners and clients refer, it requires a deep dedication to your craft. The Merry Method will support you in developing your own unique creative process so you can become the wedding photographer desired by couples and planners alike. So perhaps a more relevant question than “Will I have time to do this?” is “Will I create the success I desire without putting in the time?” 

Practically speaking, the content inside the program is broken into easily-digestible video lessons to which you retain lifetime access. Many of our students have found that making the commitment to themselves to enroll and do the work involved in our program elevated their self-confidence and got them tangible results in their careers quite quickly. 

Your questions, answered:

How will the program be delivered? 

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive access to our online portal where the entire program will be housed. The program will be conveniently delivered on a weekly schedule, giving you access to a new Module each week. The first module drops at the time of registration with each module releasing a week later so that you can move through the material at the pace that works for you. You keep lifetime access to the content so you can review the lessons as often as you’d like. Practice makes progress as you develop your own signature style using the proven methods inside the program. 

Remind me what I get again, please? 

Your enrollment in The Merry Method includes lifetime access to six powerful Modules delivered in video format (with audios included if you prefer to listen on-the-go). The Core Content will help you evolve your process, master your creative flow, and improve your end-to-end customer experience. 

You get my signature Checklists, Directories and Timelines to ensure that you are prepared for a flawless shoot, every time. Additionally, you’ll travel behind-the-scenes with me and see my exact scouting process, from start to finish, so that you can create your own unique process.  

Your Bonuses include The Merry Method Handbook™ with more than 50 pages of valuable guides, checklists and resources to help you grow your own world-class photography business, four Photo Assignments to hone and elevate your skills, and the Merry Method Business Bundle with exclusive access to SIX powerful video trainings that will support you in transforming into the consistent, confident photographer you are destined to be

My question hasn’t been addressed here. How can I get an answer? 

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my team at team@ktmerry.com, and we will reply within 48 hours. 

Unless you’ve already reached the level of income and are serving the clientele that signifies your own definition of the pinnacle of success, you can still benefit from this program. I have worked with more than 300 photographers in this program, and many of them had been working professionally for decades before joining the program. Time after time, they have expressed that they thought they had a solid system or process in place for working with high-end clients . . . until they got access to my specific system, framework and blueprints inside The Merry Method. 

Our past students have expressed that even implementing one tip from one lesson (like scouting a shoot, storyboarding a shot list, or taking stills the day before the wedding) totally transformed and elevated their process, allowing them to show up more confidently, command higher rates, and get known as the go-to photographer in their niche. 

I’ve been a wedding photographer for years. Am I too advanced for this program? 

Learn to plan ahead to make your wedding days easier.

— Becky Kent,
Becky Kent photography

"The approach in the Merry Method to pre-wedding planning/workflows was something we had never heard of before, and it seemed like a lot of work, but it has produced an experience that is both seamless and exceptional for our clients."


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


Master your craft and get the confidence you need to thrive.

—Esther MakaU,
Esther Makau photography

"I'm no longer doubting my capability, or my artistic strength, you know? So the more I keep perfecting or creating a system that works really well with me, the shorter the shoots are, the less I'm overshooting because my confidence is up."


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:



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You didn’t find this page by accident. I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe that you can accomplish whatever you desire—when you’re willing to put in the work. I also know that succeeding in the competitive wedding photography industry doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen alone. 

When I set out to create my own business, I had zero knowledge of what was involved in growing and maintaining a business. Luckily, my business grew year after year as did my work and authority in the industry. This was mostly due to my unwavering passion and determination to 'make it' and had very little to do with my business acumen. 

Yet after nearly 12 years in the industry and with so many people teaching photographers how to create better images, I knew that my own experience, my journey towards mastering my mind, learning to craft a vision, and to build a business on my values, could help other photographers like you do the same. 

There are a myriad of experts who’ll teach you how to create flawless Instagram feeds and perfectly-styled shoots. And while I do feel these things matter, I created The Merry Method to go deeper with you. To support you in building your business and creative journey from the inside out. 

Because when you do this, you learn how to make each decision—from pricing, to posting—from that place of inner knowing. My mission in life is helping other creatives thrive. When you are living from a place of purpose and abundance, you will be able to do more good for yourself, for your family, for your community and for the world. That ripple effect, the potential for greater impact as a result of a small stone that I might cast, is what truly drives me.

Before you go . . . 

And if you are someone who also cares about impact, sustainability, and legacy, it would be an honor to support you on your creative journey. 

To your abundance,

join The Merry Method waitlist

3255 NE 184 St.  North Miami Beach, FL 33160