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Get the strategic process that will allow you to confidently raise your pricing, effortlessly increase your booking rate and finally attract—and serve—your ideal clients.

Look what successful photographers are saying about this workshop…

I took this course in July and it has literally CHANGED MY BUSINESS

— Marlies Hartmann

I have FINALLY started to attract my ideal client, after raising my pricing!! 🙌🏻

— Madison Wright

OMG KT!! I just booked my first 5 figure wedding collection ever 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 from the first custom proposal I sent after your workshop!

— Jen Boris

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A virtual workshop with KT Merry

Get the strategic process that will allow you to confidently raise your pricing, effortlessly increase your booking rate and finally attract—and serve—your ideal clients.




January 19, 2022

1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT

Look what successful photographers are saying about this workshop…

I took this course in July and it has literally CHANGED MY BUSINESS

— Marlies Hartmann

I have FINALLY started to attract my ideal client, after raising my pricing!! 🙌🏻

— Madison Wright

OMG KT!! I just booked my first 5 figure wedding collection ever 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 from the first custom proposal I sent after your workshop!

— Jen Boris

If you’re a wedding photographer, struggling to break out of a pricing plateau and into rising revenues—this is for YOU.

In a matter of hours, I’ll show you how to:

Confidently raise your pricing with intention

Attract the ideal clients you truly desire to work with

Strategically and authentically sell (and upsell!) your services

Easily offer white-glove service that WOWs your prospective clients without one-size-fits-all packages

Create gorgeous custom proposals in minutes that will instantly increase your booking rate

Bring your passion for profits, and I’ll show you HOW to increase them 
by following my simple pricing strategies!

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And get Lifetime Access to the workshop replay—whether you attend live or not!

Have you spent years using the same booking workflow, expecting to reach that next level, while your revenue remains stagnant?

Fellow photographer, be honest

Do you dread the inevitable questions, negotiations and nit-picking from clients who are just looking for the best deal?

Are you tired of missing opportunities and leaving money on the table because you don’t have the knowledge and tools that clients and planners are expecting?

Do you keep hearing about custom proposals as a tool to attract your “ideal client” but are left scratching your head as to what actually goes into them?

Sound familiar? Meanwhile, the ones who are booking leave you (and your bank account!) feeling undervalued, uncertain about your career and let’s be honest—like you’re just winging it. Neither you or your client comes out on top!

I get it. It can feel like an isolating place—without the right tools and guidance. Like your ideal clients are just out of reach and you’re scraping by, hoping that one day they’ll come knocking. You know that something about your booking process isn’t working, but you aren’t sure how to fix it or where to even start! 

But it’s not your fault! Because no one has told you how to confidently raise your pricing and reach life-changing levels of revenue without paying for advertising or overpriced training—until NOW.

If you’re tired of doing it the hard (and expensive) way—and still not making the money you desire—read on, my friend.

You’re digging your toes into the soft, pale sand on the North Shore of O’ahu. The morning sun blankets your face as you scout out the perfect location for post-ceremony portraits. 

Over the coming days, you’ll shoot a gorgeous, three-day wedding complete with a welcome luau, a beach bonfire rehearsal dinner and a post-wedding brunch. They even opted for the add-on albums.

After shooting your heart out all weekend, someone hands you a Mai Tai with a fresh slice of pineapple on the rim, as you watch your loved ones play in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. A couple days of vacation in paradise with the ones you love most, basking in another wedding weekend #win. 

Imagine this…

You feel confident in your pricing. 

Your clients trust your expertise and guidance. 

They’re happy to pay more and are excited about your offerings. 

You’ve doubled your revenue, which means you have the money and time to linger on distant, tropical shores. 

And—your business paid for it.

Oh—and all those new planner inquiries coming in? No problem. It only takes 20 minutes to whip up a proposal for your next dream job.

So what’s the secret?

What’s the method that has helped photographers of all levels break out of their pricing plateaus?

Think about it—how are you going to satisfy the unique desires of a high-end client if you don’t know what they need? 

Your clients want to be seen and heard. They want to feel connected to you, and you want to feel connected to them, right? 

And you have a choice to either:

Pricing Strategically with Custom Proposals

The truth is: cookie-cutter packages just won’t—ahem—cut it anymore.

01) Draw clients into an elevated, custom experience that pre-qualifies your most ideal leads (and makes it easier for them to book you!) 

02) Leave them stuck trying to fit into the packages you’ve pre-cut—or worse—start negotiating their own idea of a “better” (read: cheaper) package. 


I’ve made this choice EASY for you by breaking down my entire custom pricing process in ONE place…

In my LIVE virtual workshop, you will be empowered and equipped to price confidently, attract those elusive ideal clients and book them without the limitations of one-size-fits-all packages. 

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And—I’ve been where you are. 

When I started booking weddings 15 years ago, I looked around at what the other photographers in my market were doing and just followed suit: three competitively priced packages designed into a pretty PDF—done!

You see, I've known since high school that I wanted to be a photographer. Thankfully, I won a scholarship to photography school, granting me access to higher education and sealing the deal. After years of shadowing and assisting fashion photographers, I set out to build my own photography business and I’ll be honest—I had zero knowledge of what was involved in growing and maintaining a business.

spent years (too many to confess!) focused solely on being the most skilled photographer I could be. For the longest time, I didn’t know how much money I was actually making. As my booking volume (and portfolio) grew, I realized I was gambling on the future of my business. Ignoring my numbers and shooting over 35 weddings a year had me on the fast-track to burnout.

I’ll never forget seeing that first cover feature on Martha Stewart Weddings and thinking, “Awesome!.. now what??” Unwavering passion and determination had gotten me somewhere, but I knew I had to make a change if I wanted a long, profitable career in this industry.

When I finally faced the music, I got serious about profits. And I discovered a lot! 

and my luxury destination wedding and editorial photography has been recognized globally by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and People Magazine.

Hi, I’m KT Merry 


When I started implementing custom proposals, things shifted dramatically. I started attracting amazing clients (dreamy ones like Lea Michelle and Kate Upton...Tuscany, anyone?), increasing my average booking price and cutting back on the number of weddings I needed to book in a year to reach my goals.

Goals like shooting in the Maldives (check), earning six-figures a year (check), and being a go-to photographer for some of the top wedding planners in the world, like Lisa Vorce and Lelian Chew (check and check). 

I got into spreadsheets and broke down every single cost of my time, energy and hard-earned money and what the true value of a weekend on my calendar was. 

I discovered that by asking clients to select from a one-size-fits-all package list I was missing a huge opportunity to serve them at a much higher level.

For example, I had no idea that every time I pushed the shutter button on my film camera, it cost me $2! 

Top Wedding Photographers in the US

Top Wedding Photographers in the World & Celebrity Shortlist 

Top 100 Most Inspiring People

Top Wedding Photographer in the US


It took me too long to realize I needed a vision for my business and that vision needed to include big, financial impact, fueled by smart pricing tools. And I don’t want you to waste any more precious time like I did. 

That’s why I’m determined to share my lessons and hard-earned expertise. Because it doesn’t have to take you years to make a switch that will put your business on the path to profitability.

Are you ready to ditch packages for proposals and start earning more than you ever thought possible?


Join me at the…

LIVE Virtual Workshop 
for Wedding Photographers Looking to Raise their Rates and finally Attract Their Ideal Clients

I’m there!

Register Today for $97

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(After the workshop on January 19th, this training jumps to $297)

An ‘ah-ha’ understanding of why using proposals as a pricing tool in your business is paramount to attracting your ideal client and charging higher prices. 

The CONFIDENCE to sell (and upsell!) to your ideal clients in a natural, service-minded way. 

A proven process to qualify clients to ensure you’re not wasting your time on people who aren’t right for you or can’t afford you. 

A custom roadmap of how to implement this into your business right away.

The knowledge of where you are in—what I call—The Photographer’s Journey and how to use it to map out your growth plan and accurately identify your future goals.

Numbers-based CLARITY on whether you want to book more, charge more—or both!

Business-based guidelines on when to say YES—and no!—to a job.

Connections to other vision-driven photographers who are walking the same road you are and making the leap to uplevel their approach. COMMUNITY over competition!

After just several hours together, here’s what you’ll walk away with:

Read what some of those like-minded, vision-driven photographers have to say…

I offered a custom proposal for a couple who is having a wedding “part 2” this year. Since they didn’t need a full day, the hourly coverage was equal to my lowest “package,” but via the proposal, and including an album they wanted, I sold it for almost as much as my former top package and a waaaay higher profit margin! It makes me realize how I’ve been underselling myself by throwing packages at people before speaking with them.

- Emi Rose Nehrt

Emi increased her profit margin…

Wedding Photographer, Portland, Maine 

I booked two multi-day weddings with 2 clients that I absolutely adore for later this summer 2021 that I would consider luxury. I went through the process, booked them at a rate that I don’t think I would have had the confidence or the trust in myself to do without the support of this community. They will be my highest paid bookings to date (still very crazy to think about that). 

_ Collins Nai

Collins is booking at his highest rates yet…

Wedding Photography, New York City

Jenna now has confidence in spades…

Custom proposals have given me the power to say, ‘Hey, this is me, this is my pricing. This is what I offer you, here’s the value. If you say yes, wonderful, let’s party, let’s do this thing. If not, I know that you’re going to find amazing other people. And here are my recommendations.”

_ Jenna Wren

Wedding Photographer, Denver

Three teaching sessions jam-packed with my personal, behind-the-scenes methods and practices formed over 15 years of experience in the luxury market.

Q+A sessions, where you’ll have direct access to me. I’ll answer all your questions about strategic pricing and the HOW of pricing with proposals.

Breakout sessions with your fellow photographers to connect and hone in on the roadblocks you’re facing.

A behind-the-scenes look at how I’ve raised my pricing over the years, giving you insight into what’s possible for your business.

My personal, Information-Gathering Checklist that I use for every single initial client call so there are no surprises after they sign the contract.

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a custom proposal and what you MUST include.

The Pricing with Proposals Workbook to capture and record everything you learn and map out your growth plan.

When you attend the Pricing with Proposals Workshop, you’ll get…

The Pricing with Proposals Profitability Planner to help you calculate and determine exactly what you need to be charging to meet your revenue goals!

My two recommended ways to respond to a client inquiry that will ensure your clients are pre-qualified fits for you.

The three—and only three!—reasons why you might want to break your pricing minimum to propel your portfolio to the next level.

My powerful mindset practices around envisioning the success and impact of your business to fuel profitability.


 I’m ready! Registering now!

Register TODAY and get the Pricing with Proposals Profitability Planner 

Free Worksheet!

so you can start right away on breaking down your numbers and preparing for profits.

Pricing with Proposals

From KT Merry

Profitability Planner

P.S. Your investment in yourself gives back to the planet, too.

We’re donating 10% of every purchase of the Pricing with Proposals Workshop directly to our quarterly charitable contributions—including non-profits like The American Wild Horse Campaign, EarthJustice, and Oceana.

As a passionate animal lover and conservationist, giving back is a core value and priority that guides my purpose and *my* Big Why.

student testimonials

Coryn booked two weddings in one week over her highest rate just by switching to proposals.

Juliana started charging more and using custom proposals to book her dream clients.

Renée booked four weddings in two weeks after raising her pricing and switching to proposals.

Laura booked at her highest price to date.

Take a look at how these photographers easily made the transition to increased revenue with proposals…

Emi realized how much she’d been underselling herself with packages!

You can purchase the replay, watch the training and implement the same principles + practices I’m going to be teaching live in January—on your own time and schedule.

But here’s the catch: After January 19, the price goes up. 

It will be available for $297, and I promise it will 1,000% deliver the strategic tools you need to finally be able to confidently raise your pricing, attract the clients you actually want to work with and multiply your booking rate. 

I want everyone who needs this training to be able to get it. So I’m making it available long after the live workshop on January 19th. 

Or—you can get all that now for just $97. And, the assurance of knowing you have Lifetime Access to the replay, for whenever you’re ready to dive in.

Here’s the deal…

Get it today for just $97 
before the price jumps to $297 after January 19th.

I’m in for the lower rate!


LIVE Online Workshop with KT Merry

How long is the workshop? 

The Pricing with Proposals workshop is virtual and recorded! Which means you can get TO it and THROUGH it at any speed that you like. When you attend live, where I’ll be answering all your questions, we’ll spend several hours together (including two 30-minute breaks), mapping out and planning for your new pricing strategies.

Questions? I’ve got you covered.

What if my schedule changes and I can’t make it at all? 

I totally get it—things come up (hopefully good things!) and you can’t always make it. If you register BEFORE January 19th, you will get Lifetime Access to the replay of the workshop—whether you show up live or not—so you can keep your schedule and still get all the value of this jam-packed training at the lower rate. But—if you wait until after January 19th, the price of the training jumps to $297. 

Can I pre-submit a question for KT?

No. And here’s why: I’ve crafted a very intentional approach to teaching these strategies to you, and I want you to have the benefit of taking them in before you decide what questions you have. You might be surprised how simple my approach is and how quickly you’ll be able to see results! But don’t worry—when the time comes, I’ll be ready to answer anything lingering to help you master my approach.

What’s the date and time again?

I’ll be going LIVE on January 19th at 1pm EST/10am PST. Based in another time zone? Quickly calculate our meeting time here!

Yes! My pricing strategies and custom proposal approach is adaptable to any photography business. In fact, any service-based business! You’ll have no trouble applying this approach and the tools to your own creative business for reaching your pricing and sales goals.

Do you offer refunds?

This training was created to make it as easy as possible for you to absorb and implement my pricing strategies and approach right away. You can begin using these tools immediately in your photography, or other service-based business. If for some reason, you decide the workshop is ultimately not the right fit for you, we will refund your purchase at any time before 11:59 PM ET on January 18th. Simply email us at to request a refund.

I’m not a wedding photographer. Is this workshop still relevant?

I can’t bring myself to spend another hour on Zoom. Why does it have to be virtual?

Believe me, I get it! Sometimes you just need to turn off the computer and look at a real, live person. But what’s great about virtual events is I can offer my support and teaching to you no matter where you are in the world. I love that direct access! So remember that this training is for YOU! When you attend, feel free to turn off your camera (although I’d love to see your face), and just listen in. You’ll still get all the juicy training.

I have a question I don’t see the answer to. Who can I ask? 

We’d love to answer any more questions you have. Feel free to email our Team Members at, and they’ll get back to you within 48 hours—if not sooner!

I’m packing a LOT of valuable teaching into just a handful of hours (because your time is valuable)! After the workshop, you will know how to determine what you should be charging; how to use proposals to raise your pricing; how to communicate it confidently to your ideal clients; and how to easily create a custom proposal for every client that you pre-qualify using my proven process—and so much more! 

Remind me again what I’m going to get out of this workshop? 

Yes! There will be a replay. So if you join us for the first hour or two, you can catch the second half later—or vice versa! The replay will be emailed to you after the workshop and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS. But to get the most out of this training and ask your personal questions directly to me, I recommend showing up live for the full experience!

What if I can’t be there the whole time? Will there be a replay?

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this just one more live, online, virtual-webinar, video-workshop, promising-to-deliver training that’s actually not that valuable when you boil it all down? You’ve signed up for others and you’ve overpaid and been underwhelmed. Trust me, it’s happened to me too. 

That’s why I got into teaching in the first place. Everywhere I looked, people were teaching you how to build flawless Instagram feeds, coveted portfolios and the perfectly styled shoot. And while those things matter, I want to go deeper. After fifteen years in the wedding industry and building a multi-six-figure business in just the last several—I realized I have something to share with you. I’ve built a business that’s able to make a real impact in the world because of its profitability. The kind of impact that can change the future of our planet, impact people’s lives and leave a lasting legacy. 

I want your business to thrive so that you can thrive. Because when you’re living from a place of purpose and abundance, you’re able to do more good in your life and in our world. And that’s the ripple effect I’m after. The potential for greater impact as a result of the small stones that we drop into the waters of life—together. 

One last thing before you go...

So let’s do this. Come make an impact with me.

To your abundance,

3255 NE 184 St.  North Miami Beach, FL 33160