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so you can finally attract your dream clients and make more revenue than you ever thought possible.

coming october 2022

Click below to be the FIRST to know when The Abundance Plan enrollment opens, so you can get the step-by-step blueprint you need to create a world-class photography brand.

so you can finally attract high-paying dream clients and have more recognition in your marketplace.

 Become a Top 5% Photographer…

coming october 2022

— Tara M. Pattengale

“I was at $4100 per booking for the past 3 years and I was pulling teeth. I have now booked a $6400 & an $8700 wedding and it was NOT pulling teeth, they just said, "sounds great!"

"I have increased my prices this year 40%. My confidence has soared."

— Lauren Engfer

I booked my largest wedding collection in 2021 after TAP and right now I have three 2022 wedding clients that invested over 10k in photography. 

- Jessica Feiden

Why our students are raving about The Abundance Plan...

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Real People. Real Transformations.

What if building a thriving photography business didn’t have to be so hard?

With everything you’ll learn inside The Abundance Plan, you’ll finally be able to:

Attract and book your highest-paying, ideal clients

Be selective about who you work with

Garner praise and recognition for your work

Rise to the tippity-top of your niche + stand out from the noise of the crowd

Implement systems and structures that free you up to create your best work more often

And SO much more! 

“Now, incredible planners are actively reaching out to me, I’m getting booked at my highest prices, the right clients are coming around, I'm getting featured in publications, and I think—dang, why didn’t I do this stuff before?” 

“Before The Abundance Plan, I was working on autopilot: waiting for the next client to come along, winging it and totally operating in survival mode; as a single mom at that. But when the student is ready, the teacher appears, right? 

When you join The Abundance Plan, it’s a demolition and breaking down everything you knew and building it from the ground up. If you think you’ll come in knowing everything, you won’t go deep enough—this work is for people who are willing to come as an open book. I’ve learned to value myself deeply and no longer send proposals rooted in fear.

Now, incredible planners are actively reaching out to me, I’m getting booked at my highest prices, the right clients are coming around, I'm getting featured in publications, and I think—dang, why didn’t I do this stuff before? KT has truly opened my eyes to what hope and ambition can look like. And the community! I have friends in London, Los Angeles, Germany who are willing to share their wisdom and collaborate and we’re family. 

For the first time in my life, I can finally visualize what I want, speak up, *believe* it, and come from a place of abundance, not a place of lack.” —Esther Makau

Esther went from autopilot to getting booked at her highest prices

What past students are saying...

“The most insightful and actionable course I have taken in my career.” 

"In business since 1998, I have been searching for a path to elevate my wedding photography brand. I signed up for KT Merry’s The Abundance Plan program and have found it to be the most insightful and actionable course I have taken in my career. The level of support and resources from KT and her team are unprecedented! On a professional and personal level, I find my goals have become much clearer to me, I have become more organized with my approach, and I am reaching my ideal clients on a more regular basis. I am truly grateful for this experience, and feel that I received much more than I paid for!" —Berit Bizjak


“I feel so inspired and excited for the future of my business.” 

“The Abundance Plan has completely transformed my mindset. It gave me all the right tools to rethink my business goals and workflow. It helped me discover my self-worth and superpowers that set me apart from other photographers. Now I know how to better serve my couples, and can provide value while working with wedding planners, and other industry professionals. 

With the help of the Abundance Plan and our student community, I was able to confidently raise my pricing and book weddings with my dream clients. I feel inspired and excited for the future of my business!”—Anastasia Woolmington

anastasia discovered her superpowers


I've had 15 years (yes, a decade and a half!) of experience at the top tier of the wedding industry, working with the best vendors and publications in the world.

What that means is that I’ve seen trends come and go, technology change, and the birth of social media (YIKES!)—each making their mark on our beloved niche. And in the last year, a global pandemic.

And even before all of the massive changes we’ve experienced recently, the photography world was a lonely place to navigate.

When I was coming up in the industry, I wish there had been a formula or a step-by-step plan to follow . . . because I know I could have moved forward further, much faster, with the support of those who came before me . . .

It took me a long time to realize that in order to thrive for the long haul, I had to be a talented artist AND a solid entrepreneur.

What I want most is to help photographers like YOU to step into that role of a business owner with all the strategies, steps, and tools I wish I’d had when I started out.

Here’s the deal: 

I believe that creative entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. That when you build your business from the inside out, you can achieve a level of success that is uniquely designed to your purpose—and deeply fulfilling. 

The kind that allows you to have the freedom that you desire. 

It’s not about making a choice between one or the other—you get to have both.

… And The Abundance Plan will show you how and why you don’t need to compromise.

That’s why I’ve put my entire business-building plan in ONE place for you—with the support of a community that will always have your back as you grow!

 Receive an abundance of inquiries that you’re inspired to read before you even speak with the potential clients...

Raise your rates, charge what you deserve + book fewer jobs for more money...

Collaborate with clients who are in love with your style, trust your creative intuition and give you free rein to do your very best work…

Fill your portfolio with work that makes you proud and showcases your artistic mastery...

Follow a business roadmap that makes deciding where to focus your time and energy a no-brainer.

Know that you’re headed in the direction you desire to be going, consistently setting goals and blazing past them...

Belong to a community of like-minded photographers that keep you inspired, accountable, challenged and motivated...

Receive personalized mentorship from me (and draw from my 15+ years in the industry) to sail through every business and mindset challenge…

These quantum leap results are possible when you stop running on autopilot and 


Welcome to a one-of-a-kind experience where you can…

Nikki used The Abundance Plan to get featured in Martha Stewart Weddings which resulted in a 50% increase in her bookings.

After completing The Abundance Plan program, Alisha raised her prices, started booking dream venues, and is finally working with her ideal clients.

Watch the quick videos below to see how…

See why these photographers are raving about The Abundance Plan...

The Abundance Plan open on Sunday October 16, 2022

There is NO medal for doing business the “hard” way.

In fact, the quicker you can rise—the more impact you can have, and those ripple effects can evolve into a powerful force for good.

I created The Abundance Plan because I want photographers like YOU to reach their goals faster, smarter, and feeling as supported as possible.

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