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Your Own Customized Website and Branding Review 

I shared a story with the students currently enrolled in the inaugural Abundance Plan course – a tale of how the coronavirus required a pivot on a project I was super-charged to tackle. I could have pressed pause. But instead, I decided to take action in spite of myself. 

In the past, I used to put off another task until it felt unwieldy – updating my website. I would wait until it was embarrassingly outdated, and then begrudgingly tackle a complete makeover on the beast. Why would I wait so long to upgrade? Lots of reasons. Websites are hard work; they’re costly; and they can inspire some serious self-doubt. 

After five major website overhauls, I learned a lot. In the early days, it was just me and a template. These days, I work with my own team plus an entire group of consultants including designers, coders, and copywriters. And here’s the most important lesson I’ve learned:

The biggest mistake people make with their websites is to “build it and forget it.” 
The best websites are continual works in progress.

You should regularly seek feedback, review, and tweak your site. It keeps it looking and feeling fresh, and, often, just a few minor tweaks to your existing site can make the difference between a client who books and one who doesn’t.

now available!

For a limited time, I’m putting on my favorite hat: guiding and mentoring you, ambitious photographer. 

The KT Merry Custom Website Review INCLUDES:

A Thorough Analysis of Your Entire Site

I’ll cast my trained eye on everything your site offers, from your branding to your portfolio to the user experience you provide. 

A Recorded Video Walk-Through with Actionable Suggestions

I’ll navigate your site via recorded video, walking you through what I see and making suggestions on how to implement tweaks and enhancements that can immediately improve the impact of your site.

A Customized Action List

 I’ll send you a PDF take-away with a recommended action list to keep you focused and get you started right away.


In our industry, we spend a lot of time educating couples on the importance of hiring expert event planners, florists, and, of course, photographers. Yet when it comes to our website copy, we often try tackling it ourselves. 
Hiring a professional copywriter elevates your site, adding polish and setting you apart from your competition. But, like great photographers or event planners, experienced copywriters charge thousands per day to enhance a client’s writing voice. 

I’ve asked one of my own go-to copywriters, who works with a small group of well-known photographers, to review your site and take you through some simple copy tweaks that will make your own messaging more engaging and compelling.

KT Merry Custom Website *and* Copy Review:

includes Everything Above *Plus* a 30-Minute Live Phone Review with a Copywriting Pro


Where Has This Been All My Life? Let’s Do it Now!

As always, my goal is to create massive value for you, and to support you as you use this time to refine your brand, fine-tune your business, and improve your website. By doing so, I know we’ll come out of this stronger: more confident, more poised, and ready to book.  

The Fine Print: This one-time review program is non-refundable. Still have questions? Please reach out to me and my team.


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 Resources to grow businesses with


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